StudioPepe designs a special project for Fluorisalone 2017 in Milan.

 "The Visit" 

During Milan design week this past spring, Studio Pepe elected to design an apartment in the Brera Design district for Fluorisalone 2017. "When we decided to present a project of our own creation for the Fuorisalone, we felt we wanted to tell the tale of not just a place but also a gesture, a ritual, more specifically, the visit", the designers expressed. 

We started out with the intimate setting of an apartment, home to the people who inhabit the city. We believe that a home is the physical transposition of our inner world. We envision it on a human scale, full of the things that make us content, frequented by people we like, a dynamic world that evolves with us, with fluid barriers and nomadic furnishings whose function can be transformed over time. A place where beauty envelopes us and accompanies us throughout everyday life.

The basis of the "visit project is not just the sign of people living in a space but the story of the people inhabiting the space. "For us, this is a “home” in the deeper sense of the word, whether it be a private home or a boutique hotel, or any place related to the concept of welcoming and storytelling",  they went on to say", the designers commented. 

Living Room

Products: Marble Table, Agape Casa M-Table 1969 - Mangiarotti - Screen - Gelosia, Cabinet- Totem Living

The flat in Milan dates back to the early 1800’s, with a continuation of rooms with large windows, stucco, and herringbone parquet. Respect was given to the original floor plan without being limited by it.  Several spaces were redesigned throughout the space with the use of curtains placed in a grand fashion in the rooms. The character of the doors and windows have been incorporated into the elevations as an element of design. The rooms interconnect in a continuous play of color and pattern. 

The apartment was meant to tell stories, speak of research, recount a particular Milanese atmosphere that is both creative and sophisticated.  Numerous companies were employed and selected as partners which represent excellence in design. The brands have been interpreted according to the personal style of Studiopepe. Some custom projects were also designed to show materials and surfaces. 


Buthaup b2 - Counter/Workstation - Light Fixture, Balise Pendant - Jean Royère

Dining Room

Armchair - D.154.2 Gio Ponti - Molteni & C, Console - Totem Living


V V Cinquanta Suspension Light Design, Vittoriano Vigno - Chairs Standard, Jean Prouve - Table Fros Table  1971 Agape Casa 

Living Room

Armchair D.1531, Sofa Paul - Vincent Van Dysen 2016 - OS Table - Floor Lamp, VV Cinquanta 1951-2016


Washbasin, Ottocento - Memory Tap, Agape - Light Fixture Laurent 05 Lambert & Fils Studio


Lounge Chair: Spotti Edizioni Design - StudioPepe -   Bed Talos - Spotti Edizioni Design: StudioPepe


Console Pagoda - Design Pietro Russo - Speaker - Beo Sound 2 - Bang & Olufsen 

Founders Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto


Studiopepe is a design agency renowned for its eclectic and layered perspective. Founded in Milan in 2006, the agency takes a visionary and multidisciplinary approach to design. They have a strong recognizable identity based on experimentation, citations, and unusual associations that seek uniqueness and respect the client’s individuality. Studiopepe’s projects are characterized by their emotional and aesthetic impact, melding rigor with vision, and the continuous search for contaminations of contemporary codes and languages.


Illustrations by - © Alberto Fiocco

Photography © Andrea Ferrari , Federico Clavarino

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