Studio DiDeA design’s a chic burger joint in Palermo.

The Italian Architectural Studio DiDeA has recently completed Tritalo, a chic burger bistro in historic downtown Palermo. 

The architects have redesigned a small (400 sq ft) former clothing shop. During the renovation, works of frescoes dating back to the late Nineteenth Century were unveiled. “By removing a series of overtime stratified layouts, we’ve surprisingly discovered amazing frescoes that we included and turned into distinctive and unexpected elements of the project.  And now they are perfectly visible as a strong feature of the space” explains the architects. Due to the rather narrow space and its very high ceilings, DiDeA has inserted an essential volume containing all the services (counter, kitchen, toilets) to optimize and exploit the place and not to interfere with the vaulted ceilings. To emphasize warmth, DiDeA has chosen a very soft color palette featuring rose gold accents over white painted drywall, enhancing the minimalism of the space.

The rose gold color is a recurrent theme throughout the project, executed in the materials and nuanced in each detail: it defines the geometry, covers the countertop, becomes tubular steps and then gets repurposed in the spherical pendants, toilets and door handle. Minimal white tubular steel stools serve as seating.

“Our project goal was to meet client's request by designing a project that stands out and distinguishes from the predominant industrial style of many bistros”, the architects stated. 

Interior view of Tritalo

DiDeA is a multi-disciplinary architecture, interior, branding, and design firm based in Palermo. The partners are Nicola Giuseppe Andò, Emanuela Di Gaetano, Giuseppe De Lisi, Alfonso Riccio. After an in-depth analysis of the urban and historic project’s context, DiDeA's design approach starts from the very first concept to working plan, throughout a precise choice of artisans and contractors and careful work supervision, maintaining a continuous dialogue with the clients, to meet their needs and desires.

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Images courtesy of Studio DiDeA 

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