Nika Zupanc presents poetic and timeless design at Milan Design Week 2017.

On exhibit at Salone del Mobile. Milano 2017 - Cabinet, 88 side bar, Orion Chair, and Stella

Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc has created a new collection of furniture with Scarlett Splendor, a new luxury brand launched in 2015. The collection is now on view at Salone del Milano from April 4-9th 2017. We've rounded up all of her new product introductions at this year's fair in Milan. 

Photo: Designer, Nika Zupanc - Image © Nika Zupanc 

Nika is a product and interior designer and has described her work as poetic and timeless. Her designs have a sense of inheritance and elegance. She employs emotional ergonomics that walk on the edge of history with dramatic results. There is a femininity in all of her work that inspires and ignites excitement and wonder. Nika has collaborated many renowned international brands, designing an extraordinary range of pieces, installations, interior elements with clear representations of her design sensibility. 


Cabinet, 88 Sideboard, from the 88 Secrets Collection Produced by Scarlet Splendor   Image © Nika Zupanc 

88 Secrets sideboard is an elegant cabinet in sensuous feminine lines with luxurious metal trim in gold or rose gold. Inspired by the 88 constellations in the universe. 

The Scarlet Splendor collection is available online here


The 88 Secrets Bar, from the 88 Secrets Collection Produced by Scarlet Splendor  Image © Nika Zupanc 

The bar is made in the same colorways as the sideboard with sensuous curves and glamorous trim.

If you are in the US it can be purchased here

The Longing Cabinet - produced by De Castelli - Image © De Castelli 

Nika Zupanc, 2017

Composed of small square compartments, this cabinet of wishes makes a clear and current reference to old sideboards where biscuits and candies were usually kept away from children and locked up. A key for each compartment. An iconic piece of furniture. The cabinet expresses the peculiarities of wishes through the selection of copper finishes: for each compartment a unique finish that enhances the company's know-how and its dedication to this precious materials.


Stella Coffee Table 2017- Produced by Scarlett Splendor 

The Stella coffee table is a circular table with starry edges in gold or rose gold. There are three sizes available. 

Stay Daybed - by Sé London

The Stay Daybed is an addition to the Stay Collection by London-based furniture brand Sé  The dream-like Stay Daybed encourages peaceful reverie.  See the entire collection here


Black Cherry Gold Edition Lamp - Image © Nika Zupanc

A simple design with a shapely volume, the cherries enable many combinations that derive from very rudimentary positions. In their dimension and grandness offers an air of poetry and freedom. 

The Cherry Light can be purchased here in the US.

Thank you for viewing! 


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