First at look at Eli Gutierrez’s Cotton chair and other hot products by Missana.

Design: Eli Gutierrez for Missana    Image © Cualiti

Cotton is an exclusive chair design that conjures up a dreamy like fun vibe. It's a cozy and embracing armchair that envelops the user with warmth and comfort while seated.  An incredible piece that converges in a perfect balance of volumes due to its unique structure and its soft rounded padded cushions. 

Fotografía: David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas
CUALITI Photo Studio

The Simone sofa sets the stage and will play a starring role in your space.  The young designers from Sputnik Studio have taken care of every little detail, carefully studied every curve of the sofa in order to make it attractive to the naked eye from any angle, including its back, Simone does not want to be punished against the wall. Elegant and flirty, catches the attention of every person in the room, with its back suspended over the seat letting us see the beautiful gap between both parts and the golden metal bars that separate them. Backrest and seat have been upholstered with different colors & texture fabrics, its wooden legs, and metal structure gives the whole piece a unique character. Its light structure and sensual curves remind us of a piano. It decidedly borrows its name from the legendary singer and pianist Nina Simone.

Toadstool - Design:  MASQUESPACIO Consultancy- Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse   Image © Cualiti 

The Toadstool collection consists of a puff, table, and sofa bench designed by Masquespacio is inspired their graphic design creative consultancy projects. The fusion of materials seeks also to highlight the graphics visual culture, enhancing Missana’s outstanding upholstery work. Upholstery that in this particular case merge perfectly with the imperial materials used, marble, wood, and gold plated metals. The Toadstool collection allows an infinite number of combinations, adapting the products to each individual’s needs, choosing the preferred material, marble, wood, gold-plated metal, and fabric. 

Quetzal   Design: French designer Marc Venot - Image ©  Cualiti 

The Quetzal chair surprises with a novel concept. The design becomes a very visual and interactive product that can also be integrated into any space due to its color-changing cushions. Marc Venot has achieved a magical design that was inspired by a South American Quetzal bird in flight.  Marc’s Quetzal chair changes the color of its feathers in the blink of an eye, due to 14 overlapped bicolor pillows. The colors and the fabrics have been carefully selected so all the possible combinations result in harmony and bring liveliness to any space. 

Ara - Design: Perez Ochando - Image © Cualiti 

Ara is more than an armchair, it’s a multifunctional space that allows everyone who tries it out to discover an innovative product in its shape and also in its way of use. Ara borrows its name from a type of bird from South America, a very characteristic parrot that can talk and communicate. This armchair gives its user the privacy that the new forms of communication very often requires, it’s the ideal armchair to manage our daily tasks, like responding to emails, making conference calls or to just enjoy a little privacy and relaxation. Its metallic tube structure is surrounded by an evolvent backrest and a super comfortable seat.

We see this as a great product for contract use. 

Images courtesy of Missana, Image © Culiati   

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