Juma Architects tailor an old townhouse in Bruges with a modern repose.

project_l_89_JUMAProject 1  - Location: Bruges, Belgium - Completed in 2015 - by Juma Architects 


JUMA Architects re-envisioned a dilapidated old town house and renovated it with respect to its past. Although the house is located in the city center, it welcomes with an immediate feeling of repose. The design is sophisticated and pure and conveys a sense of understated luxury through its detailing and use of beautiful materials.


 The wooden windows were renovated according to the original model and fitted with soundproof glass. The entrance door is original and was painted in high-gloss black, as were the garage door and dormers, forming a stark contrast with the light-colored façade.





A subtle color palette was applied throughout the house and brings unity. The architects also selected the loose pieces of furniture and often opted for round, soft shapes to create a cozy and inviting space.


All wiring and plumbing were replaced, providing this house with every modern comfort. A home automation system was installed and the heating system was concealed where possible through a clever use of convectors or underfloor heating. In those areas where the concealing of heating devices proved impossible, elegant, cast iron radiators with brass fittings were installed. These fit perfectly with the aged feel of the townhouse.


The interior is furnished with many custom-made furniture pieces that create a quiet overall effect.



Lastly, there is the wonderful aged parquet with wide boards that gives this project maximum allure. The details make the difference. 




The façade was fully restored to its former glory through an elaborate process of sandblasting and liming.

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