View the new Origins bathroom collection by Seung-Yong Song for Inbani.


The Origin collection by Korean designer  Seung-Yong Song. 

Origin means the root or source. In this collection it refers to the principle of craftsmanship and industry through the use of different wood veneers, metal or glass; engaging with one another until each element is precise. The Silhouette sink in Ceramilux is reminiscent of the potter who molds their vessels, as well as a marble sculptor carving his works. 

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The Inbani Stand at this past April's  Salone del Mobile or Milan furniture Fair 2016. Origin has a great connection with Asian culture, which is reflected in its usage and its proportions.

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All elements in the collection adhere to precision and art. The details of the bevels, moldings, and shapes involves the craftsman in each piece. 

INBANI-2016-4-16096-600x900 - Copy

Silhouette sinks in Ceramilux bring to mind the potter who molds their vessels, as well as the marble sculptor carving his works.  It all involves a traditional culture and atmosphere in the process of making. 

Ceramilux®, it is a material consisting of natural minerals (calcium carbonates and aluminum trihydrates) and polyester resin. The technical polished enamel film which covers the surface of the material is of polyester acrylate type which allows it to obtain characteristics of resistance.

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Image © Inbani 

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