4 new masterful projects we love by Belgian designer Alain Gilles.

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"The concept behind the “Structure Sofa” was to play with the architectural structure of a standard sofa, to open it up in order to expose its softer inner side and to create a dynamic movement between the seat cushions and the backrest.
In general, a sofa is very much a box opened on the top and front". 

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The exposed metal parts of the sofa can then be treated in a subtle “ton-sur-ton” manner by using matching tones for the metal parts and the upholstered parts, or treated in contrasted colors in order to highlight the relationship between the supporting structure and the upholstered parts.

photo 7Available through Bonaldo

ALAIN-GILLES-PORTRAIT-Designer: Alain Gilles 

Alain approached design as a second career. Which is a similar path many of us will follow  to our true interest. After studying Political Science and Marketing Management. Alain went on to work in the international financial world for 5 years. He later decided to live his life more authentically and follow his dreams. So, thanks to the moral support of his wife, he made a bold move to study Industrial design in France.

He opened his studio in late 2007 in order to pursue his dreams and develop his personal approach to product design, furniture design, art direction, and scenography.

alain-gilles-trompe-l-oeilTROMPE L'OEIL Mirror available through Design is Wolf.

"These small and big mirrors act as a “trompe l’oeil” since they are based on false impressions and confused perceptions. These pieces are about reflections, false perspectives and fake shadows".


alain-gilles-area-bed 5"Area" bed available through Magnitude Belgium.

The bedroom has become more than just a place where people sleep, in some cases it is now also used as a bathroom, a personal office, or as an extra room or living room. So the the concept is to offer a bed that through the modularity of its head board can also serve as room divider and room organizer.

alain-gilles-area-bed-magnitudearea-bed-nordic- jpg

The headboard can also become an element that wraps around the walls to create a cocoon-like-space where a small desk or armchair can be placed along the bed as in some hotels thus creating warmer and more confined spaces.


The “X-Ray” sofa is a work on the architecture of a sofa. It is designed as if someone had decided to show, to reveal the internal structure of a “traditional” sofa, even if normally that is never worked to be exposed. One thus creates a surprise while preserving ergonomics and comfort.  Manufactured by La Chance.



Images courtesy of Alain Gilles Studio ©





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