See Note Design Studio’s “Inner City Blue” Stockholm project.

SoFo-Residence-9 Project: Inner City Blue

Private Residence
Location: Stockholm in SoFo
Year: 2015
Design Team: Susanna Wåhlin, Johannes Carlström, Daniel Heckscher


The first step of redesigning the the 2,150 square foot apartment was to simplify everything that they felt was too much, in terms of dimensions and materials. "The task was to create a relaxed, soft environment and the main interior featured a dark, low-lying base line that runs like a unifying horizon throughout the whole apartment", says the designers", says the designers.


All walls and ceilings are painted in apricot pink and sandy beige tones which gives a soft, hazy atmosphere, creating a dynamic but gentle contrast to the blue-gray base. Nothing in the apartment is white.

Our client’s wish was for us to not design a homely space, yet stays in line with the interior. A place to live everyday family life, to be private, but with the possibility to be professional. A place to invite both business associates and good friends. Warm, welcoming, soft.  Our client travels across the world – and so does her guests – which inspired a space of international character", they went on to say.

SoFo-Residence-5In the beginning of the project we found three images which together became the foundation of the expression. The motifs: a brown cashmere coat, a pair of sand-colored sneakers and a plaza in Rome. Stylish but relaxed with an international look resistant to time. We looked for inspiration in environments with timeless character in elaborate and classic rooms. Spaces built in indelible, finely worked materials with carefully composed color palettes. We’ve aspired to reach a certain mood rather than a concept", the design team said. 








Photography © Note Design Studio

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