Modern pivoting doors construct impressive inviting entrances for your home.

sculp(IT)-Lalo-012webThese 2 story pivoting doors are on  the rear of a house in Antwerp, Belgium they are the world’s largest pivoting window – 3 meters wide by 6 meters high. The impressive size creates a dramatic effect.  The full height doors emit daylight throughout the spaces and  connects to the garden and beyond. Image © Arch Daily


6 - CopyModern pivoting doors swing on a set of pins mounted at the top and bottom of the doors. The concept in grounded in Modern design and minimalism.

4 - Copy


Modern pivot doorThe invisible pivot hinge is mounted on the floor surface using a compact stainless steel part, without integrated floor fixtures. This door is available at anyway door.

9 - Copy

10 - CopyLarge pivot doors are sometimes made of glass and have metal frames. Image © Arch Daily

7 - CopyThese interior glass doors are a system of one or two track, glass sliding doors and fixed panels, designed to create walls. The panels are fixed within a slim aluminum frame.


14Wall system made of custom sizes fixed and swing opening panels.
Hollow core construction 55 mm thick.  Available through Lualdi Porte 

Image © Lualdi Porte

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