Brooklyn design duo Jean & Oliver Pelle create objects that blend craft and functionality.

This dynamo design duo are creating objects with a keen aesthetic and purposeful attention to functionality by merging their architectural practice and pristine craft work. Founders Jean and Oliver Pelle work is a fusing of primary elements with modern form and geologic lines re-purposed. Their work attracted our attention for their inventive use of materials. 

The first object up is the Quadrat Series.  It is a line of wood lattice tables that explore the simple and elegant form of the grid as a three-dimensional object. The name “Quadrat” comes from the German word for ‘square’, the formal building block of the lattice structure. Its distinctive design is lightweight yet strong wood construction of its open grid geometry.

QuadratCuboid47-01_1230x1290Cuboid 47 coffee table 

Cuboid 47 in solid white oak with Glass Puddle, Fruit Bowl in bisque speckled ceramic and Candy Dish in white porcelain.

QuadratCuboid20-01_1230x1290Cuboid 20 coffee table

Cuboid 20 in solid white oak with Candy Dish in castille blue ceramic and 13.5″ Wood Tray.

Original_1230x1290-1230x1290The original (medium) bubble chandelier
Shown in natural cotton cording, cream enamel cups, satin brass hardware and steel cable suspension.


24k Gold Finish
X-Large 24k Bubble Chandelier in black leather coiling and satin brass hardware

Long_1230x1290-1230x1290Long Bubble Chandelier
Shown here in henna leather coiling, polished nickel hardware and steel cable suspension.

Info_Studio9_410x410Jean and Oliver Pelle in their Brooklyn  Studio.


Pris Lighting

Pris is an all modular lighting system that can be configured in a multitude of simple or complex installations for home and work environments.

Each Pris fixture is created with a set of length-adjustable linear arms that attach to jewel-shaped connectors. The linear arms, fitted with up and down diffusers, provide ample and warm LED light.

PrisMajor2_1230x1290-1230x1290Paris Suspension Light - Design 2015....made in Brooklyn NY


FollyGiftSet1_750x750 - CopyFolly Soaps 

Folly is a line of individually sculpted soaps made for use and decoration inspired by architectural follies and earth-based materials. Using natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, volcanic rock pumice, natural sea sponge, and pure essential oils for fragrance, each soap incorporates a unique ingredient in a composed yet purposeful way.

BlackDome1_750x750 - CopyFolly soaps are handmade in small quantities at their Brooklyn-based studio.



The Soap Stones are handcrafted glycerin soap intended for both use and display. Drawing from a material palette inspired by naturally occurring gemstones such as Rose Quartz and Aquamarine and metamorphic rock such as Jade and Onyx, the soaps combine these brilliant colors with the potent effects of essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Camphor.


Dorit Candle Holder - Comprise the Wood Candle Holder collection that use wood of construction-grade lumber. The holders seek to find lasting qualities in ‘undesirable’ characteristics of the wood: cracks, discolorations, grain and knot patterns, and highlight them through simple forms and finishes.

EgsuTable2_1230x1290_100dpi-1230x1290 - Copy Egsu table

A modern dining table made of rift-cut, solid white oak with marble cross inlays. The Egsu Table’s cross-column legs are clad with marble fins. Quartered hemispheres of turned wood, on the underside of the table, articulate the transition from the legs to the tabletop. The unique square-meets-circle shaping of the table allows for seating up to 8


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Image © Pelle Design Studio

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