Get to know Paris based multidisciplinary Studio Dessuant Bone.

portrait1_637"Fasted"  a family of tableware fasted of their functions. 

Let's start with our favorite project from Paris based multidisciplinary Studio Dessuant Bone. Upon viewing it seems these objects are imaginary a fragment or gesture of things that surround us. Tell us what you think in the comments. 

Fasted is part of the exhibition 'A Stomaco Vuoto' curated by DWA Studio exhibited at Salone Del Mobile 2015. Studio Dessuant Bone was invited along with other designers and artists to produce objects, words and projects based on the theme of fasting.

portrait11_637"Fasted"   Via Lazzaretto 15, 20124, Milan 14th - 19th April 

"We have created a set of non functional tableware and focused on their representation, producing a drawing in volume made of blue metal wire. This dinner scene is framed by a brushed brass circle. ‘Fasted’ questions the links between objects surrounding us and their representation".




2hdfilmStudio Dessuant Bone designers Philip Bone and Marie Dessuant

The studio is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Paris, that specializes  in art direction, product design, and interiors. "Our research based creative solutions evolve from ideas and stories. We pride ourselves on creating an engaging and clear handwriting that can traverse across a diverse range of clients and industries, including fashion, lifestyle, creative & product, from concept to creation".

Philip & Marie met while residents at Fabrica, the Benetton Group Communication Research Centre, Italy in 2011. They come from different design disciplines, but share the same aesthetic understanding and approach to design. In 2014 they opened Studio Dessuant Bone in Paris. 



Studio-Dessuant-Bone-_-Dorset-117_1-LR_900"Jurassic Light 117" is inspired by the Jurassic Coast’s Durdle Door, an iconic landmark of the Dorset coastline. The cylindrical negative space created by this arch has been interpreted to create the simple shape that forms the light. Jurassic Light 117 employs Portland stone that carries impressions of fossils from the Dorset area – so acting as a constant reminder of the origins of the design.

Studio-Dessuant-Bone-_-Dorset-117_2-LR_900 Studio Dessuant Bone were invited to design a limited edition object inspired by the brands Dorset origins. "The Dorset Series",  was exhibited at the London Design Festival.




Photography © Studio Dessuant Bone

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