Artisan and designer Giacomo Moor develops projects with a collaborative approach to making.

PALAFITTE2Heron high console

Giacomo Moor founded GM Studio back in 2011. The aim of the  studio practice was to develop his design process and creative structure within a complex studio-workshop in which designers, architects and craftsmen share their work-space and even their specific skills. This collaborative relationship has allowed Giacomo to work  in research-oriented design and craft production. Currently the firm GM, which has customers both in Italy and abroad, designs and manufactures furniture, custom kitchens, apartments; offices, as well as unique pieces and limited editions such as tables, desks, chairs, lamps, and accessories. They also work with design firms including Ilide, Memphis and Environment Furniture.


PALAFITTE10Crane screen

The Palafitte collection is inspired by the pure verticality of stilt house structures and the elegance of Flamingos. The fascination with raw wood, his prime working material, has led Giacomo’s research into new scenarios that combine artificial and natural worlds.


PALAFITTE4Flamingo console low

"My aim is not to impose my personal style to products, but to start each project from zero, trying to understand the deepest demands of my client in order to propose them the best solutions. So I invite them to be involved in every phase of the production process and to undertake a common and synergistic journey, where my role is almost maieutic"  - Giacomo Moor


METRO1Metropolis, a furniture collection for (Memphis) Post Design. It is a system composed of seven pieces (coffee table, desk, wardrobe, console, bookcase, horizontal and vertical wall system) it is a limited edition production of only 25, each numbered and signed by the designer.


metro_00The geometrical strictness of the iron structure matches, in a delicate balance, with the warm material of walnut wood, in rather intense synthesis that empathizes the significance of wood and its handcrafted manufacturing.


Slow-Wood-Wooden-floor-standing-sideboard-Giacomo-Moor-Clip-5Clip console

Entirely made  of elm with edges and faces in solid elm. Composed with two drawers in birch plywood and  central doors made with solid elm stiles that hide a box in sheet metal. 


NAUTILUS3Nautilus Kitchen

Doors and elements visible in white lacquered wood, walnut is used in the back-splash above the sink and counter that surround the island.

attraverso2Low console 

The essential relation between the beam and architectural volume, is proposed in the series by combining the wood with the material that marks a border area and passage: made with cement.

attraverso7GM-3 Desk

layer2Layer - Modular Vase

It consists of a glass, placed at the base.  Which are placed with three containers made of MDF in different colors with removable bottoms.

zampaA Paw - bowl

On show at the seventh edition of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.
Selected in the contest Macef Intelligent Hand 2010.
Sections of olive wood hollowed out and carved on the outside, the inside is burnt and coated with epoxy resin.

21grammi21 Grams - bowl

Constructed by exploiting what is generally regarded as an imperfection of the wood: its tendency to deform when in contact with water. The defect has been further enhanced in order to create an organic form, using a minimum cross section: a sheet of veneer.

Image © GM Studio

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