Odd Matter Studio creates lighting that transforms by opening and closing the circuit.

Node wall lamp vertical - on"A Lamp has a particularly interesting transformation as it changes to deliver something which is not initially there. It exists to deliver light but light does not take part of the physicality of the object. This suggest that a lamp is a sculptural object when light isn’t present and its function begins with its transformation towards delivering light. A lamp therefore is a medium between us and light and the act of turning it on and off is essential as well as symbolic in relation to the object" says the designers.

Node Wall Lamp vertical‘Node’ (2015) aims at showing the relationship between light and the act of switching it on and off; by opening or closing the electric circuit. Inspired in shape and workings by the universal language and simplicity of drawn electrical diagrams.The lamps create an intuitive schematic design that describes its function and bares its workings.

Node wall lamp black horizontal.The materials: Copper, Jesmonite ( a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin) with LED lights.

NODE-blackwall-OFF 10The Node wall light in the off position

Node table lamp.The Node table lamp in the on position

NODE-nude-off 3The lamp in the off position.

Node lamp - on

Node table lamp - offDesigners Els Woldhek and Georgi Manassiev are Dutch natives that met while studying at the Royal College of Art in London.  The studio is driven by their curiosity of strange and wondrous things. They believe that by working with existing processes and notions, researching these from a different more naive perspective creates different kinds of products. Unique and specific to the place they originate from.

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Images © Odd Matter Studio



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