Revisiting Gio Ponti the Master of Italian Mid-Century design.

molteni1579Tea Table - reissued by Molteni & C  

Photo: © Molteni & C

Giovanni Ponti was born in 1891 in Milan Italy and died in 1979. He is considered the master of Italian Mid-Century design. He started out designing ceramics and then later moved on to furniture and interior design and built structures of all kinds, from small residential dwellings to high rise buildings, schools, and office blocks.  One of his great interests was the theme of the home, for which he continually sought to find new solutions. Ponti colorful, carefree, elegant spaces were designed to inspire optimism in their occupants. The founder and nearly lifelong editor of Domus magazine never stopped developing and reinventing his style.

Gio_Ponti ImageGiò Ponti  was a poet, painter, industrial designer and founding editor of Domus magazine as well as an architect. Through his designs and his work at Domus. Perhaps he is best known as the godfather of Italy's post-war design renaissance.

poltrona-gio-ponti 7 Via Dezza Armchair - 1953 .....Reissued by Molteni & C

 Photo: © Molteni & C 


IW_GioPonti_Table_10 6

He loved the classics of design but he was always looking to the future. 

Gio Ponti Italian Cultural Institute 5Interior Italian Cultural Institue 1954, Stockholm, Sweden

Gio ponti lobby parco dei Principi Hotel Sorrento 1961The lobby of the Parco Dei Principi Hotel, Sorrento, Italy it opened in 1962.

18.-dezza 3 Dezza Armchair designed in 1965. It is now being reproduced by Poltrona Frau

Gio-Ponti-PlatesCeramic plates 1967  Giò Ponti 

Chair-designs-by-Gio-PontiGio Ponti aspired to produce mix of functionality and practicality with visually pleasing designs.

Cassina-Superleggera-ChairPonti’s 1957 Superleggera chair is one of the best examples of his attempt to blend style with functionality. The appropriately-named Superleggera, which translates to “super light”.  Though inspired by the traditional Chiavari chairs Ponti admired, the chair was designed to be both incredibly light yet sturdy.

Villa Planchart

Villa Planchart. Caracas 1955 Gio PontiVilla Planchart located in Caracass, (Venezuela) designed in 1955, Client: Planchart. Its now owned by a foundation and has been preserved with every original detail. 

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