10 Cool designs we love from Danish furniture brand Hay…..

Hay was founded in 2002 and is leading the pack and setting trends with quirky and unconventional ideas.  Danish Modernism is rooted in their style and  is the foundation or their contemporary work. The main principle and goal Hay is to provide functional answers to functional needs. While exploring new technologies and materials in new and exciting ways.  Since its inception Hay has pursued an interest in creating quality furniture at an affordable price to allow more people to experience good design.

We have gathered a some highlights from the collection that are our favorites. We are predicting the innovative, joyful, and clear-cut collection will be enjoyed for generations. 

Images courtesy of Hay Design 

Kaleido 04 Tray Hay

Kaleido Trays  ⌈Video⌋ - Design: Clara Von Zweigbergk 

Kaleido trays  are made  in powder coated steel. The trays nestle inside each other or can be arranged in a mix of pattern play and color.  

Shapes, Mirror Mirror catalogue hayShapes Mirror - Design: Sylvain Willenz

Uniquely shaped colored mirrors that turn into functional furniture that challenges the conventional concept of the mirror. 

Pinorama S mustard wall HayPinorama Board (Organizer)  - Design: Inga Sempé

Made of perforated metal in an oblong brick pattern. Its a pin board for all of the small things that you want to keep handy or you have nowhere else to put. Accessories can attach to the metal grid in the form of shelves, cup holders, mirrors, hooks and paper. 

Pivot No2 mirror catalogue

Pivot No 4 catalogue shelf HayPivot Shelf - Design: Lex Pott

Pivot is a circle that has been cut, spun around, and folded in new ways. It comes in four variants that can be used in different ways.The shelf is made of powder coated steel. 

Porter AllPorter - Design: Shane Schneck

Made of wood. Porter is a paper towel roll holder that locks into place  with a cross rod that also doubles as a handle. 

Copenhague Desk CPH90 10 HayCopenhague Desk - Design: Ronan Erwan& Bouroullec 

Originally designed for Copenhagen University. Copenhauge is a simple desk with asymmetric legs and a retro expression. 

Uchiwa red chair hayUchiwa Lounge Chair - Design: Doshi Levien

Uchiwa is a generous armchair with a soft shape that is inspired by a traditional Japanese fan. 

BLOW BLACK HORSENS ART MUSEUM Blow Chair Hay Blow Chair - Design: Foersom and Hiort Lorenzen 

An upholstered chair made of polyurethane that has been injected directly into the upholstery to form its shape. This process is new and innovative. 

3840 About Lounge Chair HayAbout Chair - Design: Hay/Hee Welling

About Chair is an upholstered high-back armchair with different base options. A low back version is available as well. 

Bjorn sofa image 3

3886 Bjorn Sofa HayBjorn Sofa - Design: Hay

An upholstered sofa with fixed covers that blends the aluminum frame to the minimalist sofa form. 

Slit Table family HaySlit Table - Design: Hay

The slit table is named after the slit that emerges when the plate frame is folded underneath the tabletop. Table is made in powder coated steel. 



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