A Modern Prairie on an elevated corner lot designed by Dencity West.

Project Snapshot

Sq Ft: 3500, 4000 including the garage
Location: Virginia Highlands, Atlanta Georgia
Completed: 2014
Interior Design: Triptych, Sarah Boardman and Zach Hill
Architecture: Staffan Svenson, Dencity West 

Karaga 3

The Karaga Residence was a stop on the MA (Design is Human) home tour for the 2015 edition. The tour was held June 6th - 7th in Atlanta and several satellite location.  We caught up with the lead designer Sarah Boardman for a chat about the project that she co-designed. 



Interview with Sarah Boardman of Triptych Design.

What is the architectural style or inspiration for the project?

The Karagas actually looked at quite a few proposals that were straight Prairie Style mid century modern architecture.  They love Frank Lloyd Wrights work, and many of the patterns of his work, with long horizontal lines, large overhangs, and clear-story windows. All of these elements have been  incorporated into our design.

How did the client relationship develop into designing a custom home?  

The Karagas knew they wanted a custom home from the beginning.  After many years of living in Atlanta's suburbs, they were looking for something in the middle of the city, where they could walk and be connected to the pulse of Atlanta.  They were referred to us by a builder we've worked with many times before.


What are the materials in the home and what was the importance of their application?

The stone is clearly the dominant material element of the house.  There were more than 180 tons of stone used on the project, and nothing but real, dry stacked stone was used.  The stone wraps to the inside of the house where-ever it appears on the exterior, and with each piece 6-8 inches deep, it creates some interior walls as much as 18-20 inches thick.  The presence of that much stone on the inside of the house creates a timeless feeling, making  the home appear as if it could have been constructed yesterday or 100 years ago. All of the stone was sourced locally, near Asheville, NC.


Custom cabinetry is by Dark Horse Woodworks.

"All of the walnut was sourced locally from fallen trees (flooring, floating live-edge shelving and benches and cabinetry"


"The main floor of the house flows from back to front un-interrupted. The pool, situated between the garage and house proper, is accessible from a floor to ceiling, four foot wide sliding door that opens into the living room.  The living room, kitchen and dining room are not discreet spaces, but rather flow into each other seamlessly.  The stair, which runs straight throughout the center of the house, has no riser and open treads, so that someone walking in the front door has a view through the house all the way to the back door. A 16' door runs the length of the kitchen. When open the door creates a seamless transition between interior and exterior," says the designer.

TrBMBVpQIDzhHAZH1HLw0ztykvcE4I4AIRAudIluYlA,Z66S5ahH_Tft80zHF095neInALCwbew0fS4qq3mZaT0 Art (Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta) 

j-CaFkOY0rdZjQ00-UPTkTODbr5JGqBOuKmVojBUk6QThe spacious master bathroom with an elevated shower stall.

-F8FcasDy3Yemc_dBtae-km85ZZCK-fOIAQEVzofTAw,xqCYEe-tZUawEzf1C6QvuuK3GrqpEN2Neexs_AVouP0Art (Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta) 

NoTollt2vL74nP0m2jfStCnqgA3DTmc2RU-btrJtapk,mYpPnCK92npP8_ZglnXtwDez2qsffw1qc2YB5kDoGEIArt by Pierre le duc hangs above the sofa. (Bill Lowe Gallery) 


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Images courtesy of Dencity West & Triptych 




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