Belgian Interior Architect Frederic Kielemoes reconverts flax barns into a new minimalist living and work space.

Project: Reconversion Ban

Location: Ledegem Belgium

Completed: 2011


Images © Thomas de Bruyne 

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Interior architect Frederic Kielemoes purchased  typical flax barns in nearby Kortrijk Belgium in 2008.  The re-conversion of the barns are largely defined by a symbiotic relationship with the old barn and the new volume by CAAN architects.

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The new addition is a perfect dialogue with the existing flax barn, mainly built of wood and glass to reflect the indoors and outdoors. The overall concept of the pavilion was influenced by the barn’s existing color palette.

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The pavilion frames the view of the garden and the surrounding green landscape. Once in the pavilion, the visitor is led through a path that divides the building into two axes; one hosts the central point of the house the kitchen/dining area and then straightforward to the intimate living area, the other part contains the interior architect’s office and storage facilities.


Designer Frederic Kielemoes in his studio space. 

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frederic kielemoes 3_n


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Images courtesy of Frederic Kielemoes Interieur Architect 


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