Naber Concept Kitchen comes to Atlanta for Design Week Design Is Human expo.


Concept_kitchen_cop_NaberGmbH_Fotograf_Marc_Krause_3Photo © Mark Krause

Naber Concept Kitchen was introduced to the Atlanta design crowd at this year’s installment of the MA Design is Human Expo at the (ADAC) Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. The event took place from  May 30th – June 7th and included an international design expo and a tour of modern homes.

The kitchen was initiated by Naber GmbH and designed by Kilian Schindler. In Germany it is very common to buy and install your own kitchen in a rented apartment. Often times this creates a problem when moving because the size and dimensions won't work in the new space. The Concept Kitchen breaks away from the traditional "fitted kitchen" to allow for more user flexibility.  



The concept of the kitchen revolves around the idea that a kitchen is no longer fixed to a given room. The  flexible design allows you to assemble your very own personal cooking workshop wherever you want. Start out  with a few modules and expand it later or combine it with existing items of furniture, your stove of choice or your refrigerator.  It allows your kitchen to be mobile – in an interior space in your apartment or house, when relocating or as an outdoor kitchen.


No tools are needed to assemble, thanks to a simple plug in structure that allows for easy assembly and  reassembly. Six basic modules are available for your concept and living space. The metal frame of the Concept Kitchen is designed for heavy loads, so that for example you can install the oven at the recommended height. To keep the bases light, crossbeams were integrated to reduce the amount of materials used and ensure stability. A similar amount of thought went into the clip system that enables users to adjust the height of the bases.

Concept_kitchen_cop_NaberGmbH_Fotograf_Marc_Krause_1Photo © Mark Krause

Tolix_cop_NaberGmbH_Fotograf_Julian_Baumann_2Designer Kilian Shindler - Photo © Julian Baumann

Concept_Office_cop_NaberGmbH_Fotograf_Fabian_Frinzel_2The kitchen also integrates within an office setting.  Photo © Fabian Frinze

Naber Concept Kitchen imm 2015 CologneShelving in powder coated steel

NABER  Orgatec 2014 in KölnShelving used in an office setting.


Images courtesy of Naber GmbH


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